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Reddit style discussion onion forum, the main place where user migrated after reddit banned /r/darknetmarkets.

Good Platform and Community Hub
  • Identity Concealed reviewed 2 weeks ago
  • last edited 2 weeks ago

Dread boasts a easy to navigate interface with various features that make it stand out. If you have ever used reddit you will be very familiar with the layout and functions on site. Most well established markets have there own subdreadits there. I feel the guy below is being unfair and posting multiple bad reviews. Dread is a like minded community that already has thousands of subscribers.

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Olympus is full of it, how about NOT being a little brat.
  • Cosmic_Consciousness reviewed 2 months ago
  • last edited 2 months ago

Dear Olympus, when you stop obviously lieing, maybe people will actually give a shit what you say and if.

Do you really like competition? Really? Because I was threatened to be banned for informing user submitted that EMPIRE market is far superior to your market on all fronts.

Only part I am missing is why the fuck is a message board where people discuss things in anyway ‘competitive’ target to deface? It a place people go to discuss things. Go hack Dream, or Zion. Those are your competition.

OK allow me systematically destroy every reason you proposed to you conduct I thus matter and your despicable excuse to you uncalled for tantrum. First off, who the fuck care if he is or isn’t constructing a market. What is it to you? You act like this is you first time operating on the deepweb, lol. Have been around for a long time, shit HAPPENS! Admits get pop’d. If you a vendor u should be expecting it, and if your in the game long enough it will happen. Inevitably. So ‘ducks in a row’? Really? Haha, the line up when they sign up to vend. Odd that you mentioned Aero, because Evolution dropped of with 36 Mil, Traderoter with 4 Mi.

Sure I agree the Vendor shop are unnecessary and a bit suspicious. But regarding your LE take over of a message board? Ha, serious.? If you know your opsec, you can operate on a comport is edition platform. HE’LL, your market could be comprised, but I would give a shit.

And sorry, your market DOES have its own agenda. Any one who offshore to discuss things on Olympus’s four months, under the pretext that there are no agendas, are clearly misguided.

And, a ‘security expert’ or not. I don’t see a fat ass wallet on his message board to be compromised? Market like yoursite on the other hand DO have shit that you don’t want to go missing. That’s just what happened when you assume things, and a time impulsively and abrasive….

Keep it real… ;-)

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HugBunter scammed me and now threatens of dire consequences - Dox me,spoil my business reputation as a trusted seller

So ,the story began with my asking him for a quote to build my vendor shop.I have been vending counterfeits and weed for around 2 years on Dream and now I thought about having my own shop for a little investment

Hugbunter asked me for an upfront charge of $1000. I found it reasonable enough to hand him over the sum and wait for the completion of the task. Few days later, I pinged him but no response. Then one week passed ,no response still.I resorted to pinging him over and over again as the last straw I could grasp unto .But all in vain, after 3 weeks he sent me over a link to the demo shop. The shop was like a novice scam-artist’s wordpress creation ,the theme was colorlib and a free version of woocommerce ran ove’ it . I got frustrated and annoyed for he took so large an amount and signed unto a contract assuring me the best of what he might build .

However, he went unresponsive to my plaints again and when he returned ,he threatened to dox me and spoil my name in the market .

This is only what I can do now – Let off my cries as I lost a huge amount helplessly in the hands of a scammer who pretends to build a community and claims to spend the proceeds in donations, welfare of NGOs.Don’t know what he’s doing

But here is the fact – I lost 1000$ to him ,maybe my mistake in mistrusting him .

But things may not be what they seem to be so I am not trying to enter into talks with him for I am worried about his threats which can destroy my worth in the business main-stream activites. He may also be controlled by someone else of whom I have no information about so this post is to warn others about his shadiness and also I request HugBunter to return the $1000 he took as first installment

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Laggy as hell, lack of support, i've been around since their first grand opening
  • savinflifeeran reviewed 2 months ago
  • last edited 2 months ago

Laggy as hell, lack of support, i’ve been around since their first grand opening

Nothing to see voat/reddit/avangers offer much better options and not managed by one guy which most likely not a developer.

This is my honest optioin not shilling for anyone.

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The site we've all needed for a long time

I have been using Dread since they launched a few months ago and its been really useful to have a hidden service forum which is a lot like reddit without any java script, no longer have to put our privacy at risk with using reddit and it is ran by a really trusted member of the darknetmarkets community “HugBunter” who has been advocating for user safety for a long time and taken down so many insecure markets which could have been seized if he had not stepped in. If you were on the reddit subs before they were banned you probably know who he is already but he is providing an amazing service here with dread for all buyers, vendors and even market admins.

Hopefully the DDOS attacks stop soon and we get the updates to the site that have been promised. Long live Dread!

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