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Kentucky Man Arrested, Convicted Of Child Pornography

Adrian Grisanti, a 46-year-old man from Louisville, Kentucky, has been found guilty on 20 counts linked to child pornography and an additional count of destroying evidence, according to reports from US Attorney Josh Minkler. Grisanti’s conviction came after a 4-day trial under Judge Tanya Walton Pratt, in Indiana.

Child porn, which is one of the most disgusting crimes on the dark web is still happening and Adrian Grisanti deemed it appropriate for him to engage in such a despicable act. Grisanti was part of a dark web marketplace which dealt exclusively with videos and pictures of child pornography. He and hundreds of members of that dark web marketplace were identified by the FBI, zeroed in on the website, in an investigation.

The FBI upon this encounter mounted a search at the office and residence of Grisanti in August 2015. Grisanti, a former worker at a center for at-risk children decided to avoid capture by destroying the hard drive of his personal computer used in accessing child pornography. His attempt was unsuccessful as the FBI together with the Indiana State Police undertook a thorough forensic investigation, which yielded results, resulting in the arrest and conviction of Grisanti.

Reports from the offices of Bradley P. Shepard and Steven D. DeBrota, both assistant United States Attorneys Grisanti is in line for a possible 5 – 20 years prison sentence.

Attorney Josh Minkler after the arrest made it known to the public that criminals can no more use the dark web as a shield to avoid the consequences of the law. He continued by saying that those who prey on the most vulnerable citizens and the ones who cannot protect themselves, can very much expect to be held responsible and face the federal wrath of justice.

Grisanti’s conviction comprised of 12 counts of possession of child pornography, 8 counts of accessing computer files with the intent to view child pornography, and a single count of tampering and destroying evidence.

Also speaking after the verdict was the Acting Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Indianapolis Division, Robert Middleton who stated that the verdict gave a clear picture of the FBI’s commitment to investigating child pornography cases with a sense of urgency to prevent children from falling prey to people who engage in this kind of activity. “The teamwork between our agents and state law enforcement partners ensured there is one less predator victimizing the most innocent and vulnerable members of our community,” he said.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter, also chipped in on the case after the verdict saying that there are only a handful of things which are more disgusting than knowing innocent children are still falling victim to people who engage in such criminal acts and added that he very much appreciated the work of the dedicated detectives and the mutual cooperation with the federal partners which is helping in dealing with criminals lawfully.

Grisanti’s arrest now adds to a long list of criminal who were engaged in child pornography. James Keith Wolfe, a 55-year-old man and also a fellow Kentucky native from Olive Hill, last year received an 11-year federal prison sentence after he submitted thousands of images and hundreds of video of child porn. In addition to his sentence, he was also ordered by the judge to receive 20-years of supervised release, once he completes his prison sentence.

Earlier this year, Stephen Kyle Goodlet, a 37-year-old former principal at a high school in Hodgenville, Kentucky was given a prison sentence by a federal judge for admitting to stealing nude photos from students’ phones and then sharing them offline. He pleaded guilty to federal child pornography charges in August 2017. He was given a 10-year prison sentence, followed by another 10 years of supervision after his release.


  1. This whole article reeks of why child porn legislation is bullshit:

    It’s only illegal because most people think it’s “disgusting”. Truly our version of Uganda’s “eat da poo poo”.

    What it all comes down to is thought crime. And what we should be really scared of, is that we live in a society where some people think it’s ok to put people in prison for decades, just for what they thought about when they masturbated.

  2. You Anonymous are a fucking moron, and clearly a paedophile.

    The issue is about consent. Children cannot and do not consent to adults sexually assaulting them. Any image of a child engaging in sexual activity is therefore sexual abuse. If you or anyone else gets sexually aroused by watching children being sexually abused, you are a paedophile and need help or preferably locking up.

    ‘Legislation around child porn’… these words alone show how dysfunctional you are. Child Porn does not exist. What it is, is images of the sexual abuse and rape of children. Call it what it is.

    If you look at such images , please go and confess to a professional and beg for help.

  3. Anonymous are PEdo

  4. Can we somehow track this Anonymous pedophile leaving comments, then hunt him down and hang him from a lampost while assaulting him with baseball bats in every orifice please? Someone kill this scum.

  5. There is a major difference between ‘thinking’ of child pornography and actual child pornography. The process the victims of child pornography go through is horrible and morally wrong (morally wrong in the context: given the standards of today’s society). When you are actively searching for child pornography, you are indirectly adding to the demand for child pornography and thus on the publication of such material.

  6. You could if you give up the drugs

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