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Tutorial for Dead Droppers

If you are reading this article, you might have decided to take on a profitable but risky job. A work of a dead dropper requires high levels of responsibility, intelligence and toughness. It is surely not an easy job and you have to work hard to achieve success and avoid punishment. If you are a drug user, are willing to have access to bulk amounts of dope, then you should better give up this idea. A dead dropper working for a darknet shop is in most cases a co-worker of a large organization, which has certain quality standards. In this tutorial, we will describe recommendations on how to improve the working process.

Hints for effective work

• Look for spots to place dead drops, make photos and descriptions during the daytime, and put the stuff in the evening or at night, moving from place to place by car or bike. This will speed up and secure your work.

• Use neodymium magnets – these allow you to stick dead drops in different places and speeds up the lay-out of goods. Customers tend to dislike delving into dirt and soil, which is why buried dead drops are not useful.

• Use apps to make photos of dead drops, which place the photo GPS coordinates automatically.

• Place dead drops at a distance from each other and use different methods. For example, if you hide packages under several lampposts in a row, some of them are likely to be stolen. The distance between drop points must be no less than 40-60 meters, and avoid choosing the same place.

• If you hide a package in a plain area (a field, a forest, a roadside), try to make a photo to some object: a tree, a stump, a pillar, etc. So that a customer could easily find a dead drop.

• It is strongly recommended to make two photos: a general picture of a place at a distance of 5 – 8 meters and a close view of a stash.

• Describe in detail, the contents of the package (its material, color) and the place where it is hidden.

Safety measures

Pay attention to the following:

• CCTV Cameras;

• DVR in parked cars;

• police patrol cars;

• behave naturally while placing a dead drop, do not use flash when making photos after dark;

• do not work in the same districts and streets every day;

• do not hide stashes under windows or close to doors in order to avoid extra attention of the locals;

• go to work sober and calm, self-confidence is a key to success;

• tell nobody about your job;

• carry some cash along to pay off if you get caught by the police, in Russia for example the bribe rates are about $1,000.

Work phone

A dead dropper should have two phones – for personal use and for work. Keep your work phone in the place you store drugs. A phone must always be in flight mode, delete photos, addresses and descriptions of dead drops regularly. If you have an iPhone, turn on auto-delete option after 10 attempts of incorrectly typed pin code.

Storing drugs

It is not recommended to store drugs at the place of your residence. If you deal with bulk amounts, a good idea will be to rent or buy a garage and pack stuff only there. Also, you can hide dope in a safe place. Anyway, if you cannot pack drugs by yourself, ask a manager to hand you prepacked stuff.


In order to pack drugs you need jewelry or laboratory scales and zip-locks of the smallest size (4×6 centimeters). A dead dropper needs to pack goods in double zip-lock bags and then wrap it with electrical tape. After it, take a flat neodymium magnet and put it under the last layer of electrical tape for stronger contact with a surface. The heavier the dead drop is, the bigger the magnet needs to be. Always wear gloves and do not leave fingerprints.

How to format addresses

One of the most common reasons for failing to find a dead drop is a poor description or improper photo. Let us give you some advice.

Each address must be written in one line, if you send a list, it should be sorted by weight and district. Open photo-hosting websites in Tor browser or use VPN services. A correct address should be like these:

Amphetamine 1 gr, Central dist., Sunny str. 11, buried in lawn 2 centimeters deep, black tape. www.photo.com/1.jpg.

Give a description on a single photo, where you mark the place of a dead drop along with mini-map, GPS coordinates and brief description.

The photo should look like this:

For iOS, you can use Vcap-Map app for making photos with GPS coordinates and a map, and Skitch app for drawing marks and adding text. For android, you can install GPS Map Camera and LINE Camera. In fact, there are many apps and you can choose the ones you like more.

The marks on the photo should be accurate and clear.




  1. on which markets do we get dead drops?

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  5. this is so useful i will now try to become pablo escobar overnight. thanks teonanacati, your contribution is amazing!

  6. stupid author of this bullshit article

    lol stupid ass article, this is a good way to drop your ass in prison. you working with the cops man ? dumbass

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  9. If done with the right opsec you can use dead drops to sell drugs on Craigslist. in many countries dead drops are a commonly used tool to give a much needed separation of dealer and buyer. the normal method of using users caught by police to flip on their dealers doesnt work with dead drops.Because when that flipped buyer oders more to try and set you up it could have been days since you placed a drop. it takes being a dumbass and using the same locations over and over again for you to get caught.

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