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Agora: 4/30 Withdrawals and Deposits

Since many people are asking, this was posted on agora’s forum:

We are aware there have been issues in the past ~24 hours and are working on a solution.


This was posted later as well, please avoid from sending any money to market until this issue is confirmed as resolved:



  1. Fuck agora made a deposit of 10.000$ fucking shit. if i dont get my money so my money is away now i gonna find the admin of agora .. i gonna find you and kill you stupid faggot.

  2. byetoyourdollars

    say goooodbye to your dollars at Agora exit in 3,2,1 …

  3. I hope I’m wrong, but all these issue from agora may be a smoke screen for pulling off a huge exit scam. It has all the pieces falling into place and could happen when a “fix” gets created and word is out so everyone starts buying/selling and accounts for vendors and sellers are highest.

    I hope not. If it looks like a duck……

  4. Well the cracks are starting to surface, firstly I had verified confirmation for a refund from Vendor Glasswerkz on Agora, vendor stopped comms, Agora admin (the gutless cunts) just ignored the messages and did nothing about it, meanwhile boasting about how they’re NOT out to rip anyone off and always look after their buyers and vendors. I have the messages still in my PM box from Glasswerkz and Agora acknowledging the refund promised, and all I got was some completely bullshit EXCUSES that Glasswerkz was waiting on buyers to finalize. He must be a little fucked-in-the-head to not realize that EVERY buyer feedback comment tells everyone how much the order was and that its been FINALIZED, but Agora admins (the gutless cocksuckers) simply ignored the messgaes and turned a pathetic, vendor brown nosing, ass sucking, blind eye while having the ability (and vendor consent) to transfer the refunds but simply went back to their *anonymous* safety blanket, soft cocked, 2 faced existence of being pushed around by a vendor. Agora admin have no idea of what integrity means and love the fact that they hold the power (so they think) but one day the urge of selflessness, greed, complete lack of morals and turn on all of US. Trust me when I say this is only the beginning of the blind trust agora will pursue to act like they have *NO-IDEA* of whats going on… while all of your bitcoins slowly get lulled into a false sense of security and then BAM… you have a soar asshole and a bad taste of bullshit in your mouths. HUMANS GREATEST DOWNFALL IS THE SHORT SIGHTEDNESS OF GREED, MONEY AND THE THEORY THAT THEY’LL GET AWAY WITH IT….. this is Kent Brockman DDW news.

  5. Alphabay is the best Market. Agora RIP !

  6. Oh crap, here we go again! Why cant we keep the people selling us drugs honest? LOLOLOLOLOL…..and crying at the same time!

  7. A lot of faggots spreading FUD to promote their shit markets.

    Who is veteran in dark markets know very well that AGORA is the unique market that proved until the moment that safety is most important than any other vector as uptime or blah blah blah…

    Silkroad 1 & 2 got busted because their scumbags admins had the same ingenuous thought to don’t prioritize security as religion. Now they and many others vendors will be long vacation in jail.

    All these scumbags bitching comments against agora must to move their ass to another market. Nobody is required to stay in the market if it is shit as they are claiming. Get out and shut the fuck mouth.

    Deepweb is not the disney, is not the walmart or ebay, so fuck off all these scumbags spreading FUD about AGORA the most respectable darkmarket with real proofs not promisses.

    I am very tired of kids and teenagers talking shit every day like bitches. Go home and cry with your mom, kiddies.

    • Why don’t you shut the fuck up, it’s not only the buyers being fucked with on their not being able to access their funds, stupid-ass Cheerleader for Agora, they suck balls and the buyers and vendors know it, that’s why the vendors are moving to other markets, ‘ya think??’ so suck suck agoras ass while there reputable markets like Black Bank, and Middle Earth that are just as good on security and up time than this piece of shite marketplace, They might come back on, if its not an exit scam, but you can bet that the vendors and buyers are leaving in droves, agora Cheerleader Biotch.

  8. It’s not a sufficient condition for inferring an actual exit scam has occurred, but “withdrawal problems” and “market down” messages are necessary conditions for sure. I don’t see why, after the bloodbath associated with the Evo scam that Agora isn’t pulling triple overtime to do everything they can to put people at ease that they aren’t about to take advantage of the huge new bitcoin escrow shift into their control and exit scam any moment now. That lack of stewardship ALONE is disconcerting.

  9. I saw the banner on the site and was able to utilize payment thru website last night,(within the last 24hrs) it was received and shipped this morning. You’re funds could/should be intact as well. think positive!

  10. Sell your coins now, because when they dump, it will be painful.

  11. Agora is the longest standing dnm. 18 months and they have not been hacked, busted, or lost anyones coins. The even part refund buyers who have FE’d for vendors who pull exit scams. Yes, there is alot of downtime, i suspect the reason for that is some kind of extreme security measure.
    If your not happy with that then quit bitching and go to another market.
    As of today there is an announcement in a blue box on thr actual market site explaining that deposits and withdrawls are not working, – if they were gonna exit they would not say that so people would keep depositing

    If you cant handle it then fuck off.

  12. i ran a withdrawal to a hidden service
    heres the problem… the withdrawal showed a deposit not to the mixing service but rather to MULTIPLE other addresses i have never seen in (might i add) different intervals… quite literally it was moved to unknown addresses i have never seen nor used at any point in time.
    something is really wrong here…
    had faith in agora but that’s some serious evidence right there

  13. Its the entire BTC market itself. They pay such HUGE amounts with your little shitty amounts of 0.2, 0.7 1 2 and so on. THey ship off 50-100 at the same time as you are making a transfer, your coin is mixed in there. It ends up being an Unspent Output, hanging in limbo… Worst case scenario you lose like a percentage or ALL of it unless Agora agree to say ok we fucked up AGAIN, we pay back out of our own pockets for being so retarded.

    BTW check your transfers on blockchain they are confirmed, its all good, but they are unspent outputs.

  14. What you talkin’ about? It has no more coin or escrow control than usual, there are major assaults on Agora atm from LE and bitcoin thieves, looks like they’re making sure things don’t go missing from wallets.

  15. agora's fucked

    Not only are the deposits and withdrawls not working.
    Finalizing is fucked to, my friends FE order is not getting shipped cause the coins of that transaction are lost in limbo to….


  16. The banner says payments aren’t working, not deposits/withdrawals, so your friend was warned.

  17. If Agora was going to exit scam, do you morons think they would do it in dribs and drabs and give people a heads up so they start pulling money out? If / when there is an exit scam on any site, you will have little to no notice.
    And you assholes attacking them are just giving them more reason TO exit scam.

    Think about it Einstens

  18. I think we all need to realize all markets will disappear eventually. Either by FBI/LEO or closing down themselves.
    i just hope they take the honorable route by giving us a chance to withdraw our coins.
    If they do steal our coins nothing will happen to the owners, just like no harm ever came to the sheep market guy.
    Sad really IMHO. Why can’t some cartel guys exact revenge for us all.

    • chucknorris420

      Actually the sheep guy was caught in france and he was surprisingly really fucking stupid about spending his millions in btc he stole from us all. A fat greedy fuck is what is he.

      Your right about the markets all eventually disappearing. It’s just a matter of time. It just doesn’t make logical sense to get into the dark net market business as a life long endeavor. I mean for fucks sake, if yoU COULD STEAL MILLIONS FROM PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW AND THEY DON’T KNOW YOU AND THEY HAVE NO WAY TO FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE AND OBVIOUSLY THERE WOULD BE NO le INVESTIGATION , wouldn’t you?

      Sorry b out the all caps I’m doing meth and trying to masturbate at the same tim.e

  19. Hope for the best then. I just attempted a withdrawal some 24+ hours ago after a cancelled order was refunded back by the vendor. Nothing and as far as I can see it’s not even on the blockchain.

    Not the only one with this as others have reported/I’m sure it all ties in one way or the other.

    It’s almost like even when you are “careful” on these, you can still get delayed/burned a bit.

  20. I have an order on Agora that I got ripped off on an exit scam – the vendor never shipped the item as they said they did and they refused communication and would not supply tracking info. I started the “resolving” process with Agora Support the first week of March and after two months I still have not received my BTC back from escrow for the order!! To make matters much worse I have sent probably 30 messages to Agora Support about this matter and they HAVE NOT RESPONDED TO ONE MESSAGE!!! I have about 50 transactions on that site and have never had a problem with any order before this. I always finalize the same day on received orders!!!

    That’s what I call taking care of your members and stellar customer support! Thanks Agora Support . . . .

  21. Tough for a site to always help out on a vendor exit scam. Happened to me once too, but then the site itself it was on (CR) also went down shortly after…so the vendor may have caught my order and set up the exit scam, but they also got burned from the site shutdown. Karma of sorts :) (small price order so not crazy mad)

    Anyway, I’ve tried twice to withdraw now on my end and I get rejected/coin returned back. Looks like it’s an automated thing for now where after 3 hours if the withdraw isn’t broadcast/confirmed it’s returned (even though when attempted you get the successful message).

    So this is kind of nice…I have the coin in the Agora wallet, can’t withdraw yet apparently (tried 2 diff wallets), and if payments are shot can’t really buy anything either…lol. Just keep on trying I guess…

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